Fee Schedule


(For Clients Not on Full Service Financial Planning* Retainer)

Fees are typically set as a fixed annual advisory fee, paid quarterly, and based approximately on the total time required to service an account yearly. These run between $625 per quarter, or $2,500 per year, to $2,000 per quarter, or $8,000 per year, but may be more if complex, multiple or very large accounts are involved. Fees include routine account set-up, access to institutional indexes and bonds, quarterly reviews, rebalancing, and “on-call” consultation. If account set-up is complicated, a one-time additional set-up fee of up to $250-$750 may be charged.

We, in our sole discretion, may waive our minimum fee and/or charge a lesser advisory fee based upon certain criteria (e.g., historical relationship, type of assets, anticipated future earning capacity, anticipated future additional assets, dollar amounts of assets to be managed, related accounts, account composition, negotiations with you, etc.).


The annual fee for services is billed quarterly in advance based on a flat fee agreed to with you. Fees may be assessed pro-rata in the event the agreed upon annual services commence subsequent to the first day of a calendar quarter. We will either invoice you directly for continuing services or payment of fees will be deducted by the qualified, independent custodian holding your funds and securities. Our minimum fee is $1,500 a quarter, and is based on client complexity. Factors considered in setting the client fee are number of household members, amount of financial planning required, number and type of accounts.

Fees may be negotiable. At our discretion, we may allow members of the same household to be aggregated for purposes of determining the advisory fee. We may allow such aggregation, for example, where we service accounts on behalf of minor children of current clients, individual and joint accounts for a spouse, and other types of related accounts.

*Clients engaged in full service financial planning services do not pay separately for My Deferred Compensation Manager® or Investment Management Services.

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